Home Inspiration

Design Inspiration

One of the most helpful tools for creating a beautiful home is finding examples of good design that inspire.   I love perusing Houzz, Pinterest and my favorite design blogs to study interiors and exteriors.  I use this process as a type of continuing interior design education to stay on top of trends, find classics reimagined and view how young, up-and-coming designers are pushing the bounds of good design.  I especially love to study the rooms of designers and bloggers I admire. I figure out what design principles were used to create their beautiful rooms.  I often find vignette and styling ideas from these photos as well.  This process inspires me get out of my comfort zone and try new ideas.

When it comes to my redesign business with clients, I incorporate this inspiration step into the process to understand their needs and wants.  We go through magazines and create a joint Pinterest board to gather ideas for the project.  This helps me to understand where the client is coming from and what are the unique aspects of their aesthetic.   More often than not, the rooms that act as inspiration are not in the client’s budget.  That Susan Ferrier designed living room might be the inspiration or look the client is going for but the $100K+ price tag isn’t anywhere near the budget.  So, we use the room as inspiration, and try to figure out how to replicate the look or feel within a more reasonable budget. #GETTHELOOK

Below are rooms and pictures that have inspired me along the way. Enjoy!


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