Interior Design The Year You Were Born

Interior Design The Year You Were Born

The profession of interior design is about 100 years old.  It began as the art of decoration using both form and function and design trends began to emerge.  Today, interior design has evolved into many fields including interior redesign, styling, and specialty interior design.  It’s important to study the history of design trends over the years to understand the influences on today’s design trends.

To help us do that, I’m sharing this post from House Beautiful ~ Decor Trends The Year You Were Born via House Beautiful by Bri Dyes.

via House Beautiful

via House Beautiful

I ended up spending a good hour studying these photos from year to year.  Interior tastes evolve a bit slower than hairstyles or fashion, but you’d be surprised at how much can change from year to year. The frills of the ’40s, the eclectic ’70s, the pastel explosion of the ’80s — what was hot the year you were born?  Some ideas were ahead of their time and have aged well.  Others, well…some things are meant to die.

Let’s take a look!

1928 ~ At Salon des Artistes Dècorateurs, Charlotte Perriand debuts a table and stools that would feel right at home in our current homes.  Juxtapose that 1928 table to this 2016 Wayfair set.  The minimalist influence is definitely present in today’s both transitional and modern homes.

via House Beautiful, Hulton Archives

via House Beautiful,
Hulton Archives

Mayfair Dining Trend, 2016

Wayfair Dining Trend, 2016

Wayfair Presidential Arm Chair

Wayfair Presidential Arm Chair

1940 ~ Designed by French Art Deco modernist designer Jacques Adnet, the art deco influence can be seen again in the mid-70’s as well as in today’s interiors.  Check out the mirror and club chair – I’d like those in my home!


via House Beautiful Hulton Archives

1955 ~ A Danish influence can be seen in the dining room set in this colorful home.  I could see this dining table and chandelier used in today’s dining rooms.  The chintz drapery, not so much.


via House Beautiful Getty / Housewife

1961 ~ In this 1960’s bathroom design, white and gold create a luxurious atmosphere with loads of natural light. In more modest homes, brass and gold become the go-to metal accents for the bath.

via House Beautiful Archives

via House Beautiful

Fast forward to today, and we see white and gold trending all over.  Check out the Nate Berkus collection at Target.


1967 ~ Red and white gives this room a mod feel design trend.  The clean lined couch and armless chairs look like they came from AllModern or CB2.  The fake exterior styling in this shot cracks me up.  I do love a good fern though!  And it looks like a world encyclopedia set on the built in shelves.  For those of you born after 1990, that was our internet back in the 1960s and 197os!


via House Beautiful Photo via Flickr

1970 ~ This is my year in all it’s glory (and foil wallpaper).  Whoa, that yellow and red metallic palette is crazy!  I love the hanging planters and color block floor though.  My Mom and Dad had the same color appliances back in the day.

via House Beautiful

via House Beautiful

1987 ~ There was a wide variance in design trends in the 80’s from preppy pink, Miami Vice cool, to upscale country with French blue (think Martha Stewart).  If we had to pick the trend that feels the most “80s” to us, it’s still that romantic English look, chintz and all.

via House Beautiful 1987

via House Beautiful

1997 ~ The decade sees a return to earth tones. Softer greens and beiges were a popular choice.  Indeed, I think of my work wardrobe in the 90’s which primarily consisted of beige, white and black.  In the below 1997 photo, blonde woods are the go-to choice for furniture — it’s perfect for mixing with reds, greens, and other popular color choices of the period.

via House Beautiful GETTY / ULLSTEIN BILD

via House Beautiful

So what’s your favorite year?  Do you see the influence the decades have had on your style?  As interior design trends continues to evolve, it’s fascinating to see old influences emerge in a rapidly changing world in which we live.

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