Meet Noreen, Interior Stylist


Meet Noreen

Noreen Wolohan

It’s not about perfection, but about making intentional choices to celebrate the home and creating an authentic space that is uniquely yours.”

I started The Decor Stylist as a NEW way to help people celebrate their home.  I believe home is the most important and cherished place for the family.  My passion is to celebrate everything about a home with a blend of design services and distinctive styling.

This business concept came about organically over the years of many relocations, staging homes for sale and styling for family and friends. My passion for styling has morphed over the years into teaching others what I know. Soon, friends and family started asking for help with their homes and a little interior styling business was born.

Eventually, I left my “day” job of business consulting and training. The travel and demands of that work no longer fit my story, which includes being a wife and mother to 3 awesome kids.  My experience of running a consulting business, large-scale project management and building client relationships have prepared me well for running The Decor Stylist. I am always learning and honing my craft through interior design education and research.  My motto ~ “the best way to predict your future is to create it.” Abraham Lincoln.

Today, I finally feel like I have merged my home styling passion and business acumen into a job I love.  Come to find out, I’m still a teacher at heart, guiding clients to define their aesthetic and display it a stylish way throughout their home.


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My Design Aesthetic


n45a9765Like many of us, home is my favorite place to be. I long to walk into my home and feel relaxed and able to breath. With three kids and a dog, my husband and I have learned to embrace the less than perfect vibe. Those imperfections tell the story of our lives and there’s a timeworn beauty in them. Amidst the story, there’s an underlying aesthetic that I have sharpened over the years. It’s these principles or rules that I use as the basis in creating my style and mood in the home. Life can be busy and at times chaotic ~ I need breathing room!! Creating light and airy spaces allows that feeling to shine through. Our family has a strong affinity for nature – we use our outdoor spaces as an extension of our home, even in the Midwest four-season weather.  I like to create a seamless flow between indoors and out, making the interior feel connected to it’s surroundings.  To further honor this aesthetic, I incorporate natural elements into each room, whether through color, texture or greenery.

n45a9096Over the years, my aesthetic has evolved into using old and new pieces in interesting ways.   I enjoy the juxtaposition of old and new displayed throughout a room.  I love sitting in my living room and seeing my Mom’s heirloom vase prominently displayed on the more modern coffee table.  The resulting style is layered and curated with stories to tell.   I don’t necessarily fit into one specific style per say.  Natural Eclectic with a hint of modern?  Rather than getting caught up in the style label, I simply follow my basic aesthetic rules and stay true to key design principles.  I find styles can be merged through the use of design principles of repetition, proportion and balance.

The question of what you want to own is actually the question of how you want to live your life.

~ Marie Kondo