What a fun day! Good vibes for an office makeover

What a Fun Day!  Good vibes for an Office Makeover

One very messy office, one designer, six super productive hours…

office1-daymakeover4I accepted the challenge to complete this amazing 1-day office makeover.  My client Nikki was thrilled with the results!  Some serious purging and decluttering was done to reveal a really great space.  We styled the room using Nikki’s existing furnishings and artwork.  By editing and reimagining accessories and art, we created a completely new, fresh space.

See the pictures below to get ideas how you can refresh your office in a day.


Here are a few tricks to get you started…

  1.  Purge! Purge! Purge!  It’s time to cut the clutter and get rid of needless paperwork.  Be relentless and remember to keep your eye on the prize – a clean, organized space that will renew your creative spirit.  For client’s gearing up for a big declutter project, I always gift to them a wonderful book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo.  life-changing-magic-of-tidying-up-2 This little gem highlights the Japanese art of decluttering and organizing.  I absolutely LOVE this book which is chock full of tips and tricks to creating an organized space.  I quoted her today, “The space in which we live should be for the person we are becoming now, not for the person we were in the past.”  How’s that for positive reinforcement!  That suggestion seemed to resonate with my client today and she really worked hard to clear the clutter.  I’m a firm believer that things in your home should only spark joy. “Keep only those things that speak to your heart. Then take the plunge and discard all the rest. By doing this, you can reset your life and embark on a new lifestyle.
  2. What’s the purpose?  Really think about what is the primary purpose of your space.  For today’s project, the “office” was a hodge-podge of home office, kid’s sports gear, dog kennel all the while Nikki was trying to run a home-based business.  office1-daymakeover6No wonder the space didn’t work for her!  We moved the kid’s sports gear into bins to be relocated to their rooms.  The dog’s belongings were moved to a cabinet and his crate was downsized into a closet nook.  Making these small changes coupled with a changed floor plan opened up the space to reemerge as a smart, creative home office space.
  3. Work in categories  Even after moving the dog and kids’ gear, Nikki needed to share space between her home-based business and home office responsibilities.  So we focused our efforts on categorizing into “zones”.  The armoire was cleared and organized for the home-based business.  The desk and console table where left fairly sparse to leave room for spreading out during creative work sessions.  The built-in cabinets provided room for home files and a billing center.  Every thing in the room now has a place.
  4. Light it up!  office1-daymakeover11Nikki admitted she often works in other places because she doesn’t feel good being in the office.  “It just feels dark and cramped.”  Indeed, the northern facing window doesn’t give that bright light that Nikki desires.  So we brought in three lamps as well as overhead lighting.  The heavy Carara marble and gold lamps provide the needed illumination and also act as stylish pieces in the room.  Those lamps are seriously heavy too!

5.  Make it personal  Nikki and I had so much fun “shopping” throughout her home for artwork, books, and accessories to utilize in her home office. office1-daymakeover5Every piece considered was evaluated based up whether or not it “sparked joy” for Nikki.  If it passed that test, we then evaluated whether the color, texture and size worked for us.  The Shantung silk drapes were not being used after a recent Living Room remodel.  The color no longer coordinated with the new living room decor, but Nikki admitted she has always loved those drapes.  Bam!  It still sparks joy and the color works.  The shimmer of the Shantung also provides a dash of needed glamour.  The wonderful portrait of “the man” was in the basement not being used.  I seriously squealed when I found it!  I knew it would be a perfect focal point for a small gallery along the window wall.

6. Add the bling!  office1-daymakeover8Whatever you want to call it ~ bling…je ne sais quoi…aesthetic…design fingerprint.  It’s about adding in that intangible quality into a room that makes it something distinctive and unique to you.  The most successful homes reflect the people who live there because their uniqueness comes through in the design.  We worked hard today to bring out those intangibles that spark joy and a renewed sense of purpose for Nikki.  A great example of adding that extra something was bringing the outdoors in.  The office window reveals a lovely side garden of hygrangas, hostas, and cedars.  Adding greenery inside the room merges the two spaces and adds that “something special” quality.

Table_Styling4 photo-1458783082186-f0f1e80c574d

Good vibesNikki was absolutely thrilled with her office makeover.  I swear, it’s that “good vibe” from my clients that keeps me going.  Just seeing the smile on her face makes it all worth it.  My goal with each client is to bring about that desired emotional response to their new space.  For more design inspiration, check out The Decor Stylist Pinterest boards.

As my organizing guru Marie Kondo says, “No matter how wonderful things used to be, we cannot live in the past. The joy and excitement we feel here and now are more important.”  True dat, my friend.  Now, I’m exhausted after a seriously full day.  Off to watch the Copa America Cup and then the NBA Finals.  Go Cavs!